Sunday, February 20, 2011

NASCAR Sundays

I know, I has been a little bit since my last post. Well today was a great day in the Ashley-Jones house. Today was the Official start of Nascar will the Daytona 500. You see my hubby and I are big Nascar fans and have been pretty much waiting since November for February to get here. Not only does the Super Bowl happen in Febraury but racing comes back also. So all in all its a pretty good month.

Today's race at Daytona was full of excitement. Of course there was the wreck in which they bing "The Big One"

Then of course my favorite driver, Kasey Kahne, had to blow and engine with 11 laps to go. What luck HUH??

Then the winner of the whole thing was a Rookie named Trevor Bayne who just celebrated his 20th Birthday the day before. Man what a Birthday Present.

Happy Birthday Trevor,


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